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CDL Practice Exams

Get your temporary CDL before going to truck driving school.

Career Manual

Helpful information for job seekers from the University of Waterloo.

Computer Tutorials

These easy lessons may be accessed by anyone.  There is no need to login


ESL Practice

English exercises for speakers of other languages.


ESL Resources

Resources for speakers of other languages.

ESL Resources - Zozanga, Learn English Now

Resources, lessons and exercises.

GED Formula Quick Guide

Provides GED standard formulas used in their tests.  Simple explanation.

GED Grammar Assistance

Provides GED test-based examples of grammar and punctuation rules.  Easy to navigate.

Grammar Mechanics

Reviews rules for grammar mechanics and usage.

Keyboard Tutorials

Fun way to learn about the keyboard.

Math Activities

Educational site with links to many online math exercises and games.


Math Practice

Provides lessons, games and instruction in grades K - 8.  This covers information needed for GED testing.


Money Math

Interesting game to help you learn to calculate change.


Fun way to learn to use the mouse.

Learn Plastics Industry Terminology

Alphabetized glossary of plastics industry vocabulary.

Prepare for College ACT, GRE & SAT Tests

Helpful Free SAT tutorials and college information.

Prepare for College ACT Test

More Free ACT help.

Prepare for SAT & PSAT

More Free college prep assistance.

Prepare for College Exams

Practice tests for GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL & NCLEX.


Reading Exercises

Reading practice with online quizzes.


Reading & Vocabulary

A variety of reading comprehension vocabulary building exercises and tests.


Resume in 10 Minutes Writing

Helpful free site helps you create your resume in 10 mintues.

The Five Paragraph Essay

Very easy to navigate.  Simplifies the scary GED essay.

Become a Truck Driver

Everything you need to know to get a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) and become a truck driver.

Vocabulary List for College Entrance Exams

List of 5,000 word and definitions.

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